Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I’m ready to start coaching?


You are ready for coaching when you are ready for your life to feel different and easier.

If you are tired of experiencing the same challenges and have yet to find a way to approach them differently and in a way that actually sticks, you are ready for coaching.

If you are willing to shift your perspective, allowing you to take real action (much different and harder than simply planning to take action), then you’re ready.

If you’re ready to open up to the possibility that you can make that really scary, unimaginable, daunting, “too big” thing happen?  Let’s do it!

What if I don’t know exactly what I want to work on?  
I just know what’s not working.


It’s okay.  That’s part of the coaching process, too.  Sometimes you have to start with the part that isn’t working in order to understand where you want to go.  The process of clarifying your hopes, desires and goals is a great place to start.

I have ADHD, does that make a difference for our coaching?


Many of my clients have ADHD and it is a specialty area of mine, but I also work with folks without ADHD.  I have found over the years that while there are unique considerations and important education that needs to happen for my clients with ADHD, much of that learning is helpful for everyone!

What do I mean?  Just as an example, we know that the psychophysiological effects of exercise on the brain is immensely positive (read the book Spark by John Ratey to see what I mean).  While we know it’s important for our overall health to exercise consistently, we are learning that it has an even more important effect on our brain function which helps us get started with projects, maintain focus, analyze information and generally support our executive function.

This is good for ALL of us, ADHD or not.  So is consistent sleep, nutrition that supports our daily functioning, managing stress, time for renewal….. you get the idea.

Many of my clients with ADHD hire me to support them around very similar goals as my clients without ADHD….. approaching a large project they’ve been putting off or they have doubts about, managing the overwhelm of time management for the short-term and long-term, achieving professional and academic goals, to name a few.

Are all sessions by phone only?


All regular coaching sessions are by phone or video conference.  Most of my clients love the convenience of this for popping into a conference room at the office, working it in between business calls, while the baby is napping, or between classes while still on campus. Video conference is a possibility if you work better face to face and for those living in Minneapolis, I do have office space downtown for our initial session.

Tell me more about the check-ins between calls?  Do I really have to do them?


The check-ins are designed to help you keep the momentum.  Some clients use them like crazy and they feel connected to the coaching process, their goal, and our coaching relationship as a source of support.  By staying in conversation about the tasks at hand, they are keeping their goals in mind.  Some pick a specific time of day, set a reminder alarm or message and text or email daily.  Others do so when the spirit moves them.

I have many clients that choose not to utilize this opportunity at all and it works just fine for them to rely solely on coaching calls.  They are getting it done and are happy with their progress.

How long does the coaching process usually last?


I ask new clients to plan on committing for at least 3-6 months.  If you think about the fact that you will be making new discoveries, shifting your perspective most likely, developing new behaviors and creating new habits, it makes sense that it may take a while for things to look and feel different, easier.  So while you’re welcome to stop at any time, it’s best to think in terms of a semester, a season, a quarter.

That said, I’ve worked with clients for much longer, sometimes years.  We keep on going because there’s always another goal or direction or stride to hit and it feels good to be making it happen for yourself.

Have additional questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me.